Car Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment and Repairs – St.Ives, Hunts and Cambs

In addition to supplying and fitting new alloy wheels, we also offer a reconditioning service for alloys through our body shop.

It’s easy to chip or scuff your wheels. Kerbing your car whilst parking can happen often and scratching and damaging wheels can have give your car an overall shabby look.

If you choose to change your wheel for the winter, we offer a secure safe storage facility to store them in. Contact us today to discuss supplying or repairing your alloy wheels

Caring for your Alloy Wheels

  • When you’ve just got your wheels, give them a hundred miles or so to bed in.
  • Doing things slowly to start with will give you the maximum grip and performance.
  • Those good-looking alloys need to be washed down every week, but avoid an acid based cleaner and (worse of all) no mechanical cleaning.
  • Don’t allow grime, brake dust or grit to build up your wheels or they will lose their high finish.
  • Although you can use your alloys all year round, it’s always beneficial to use your original non alloy wheels in the winter months, especially if you have a high gloss or ‘hyper’ finish.
  • The salt on the roads can be highly corrosive and the degradation in road conditions, such as pot holes, can lead to serious and extensive damage.