Are you ready for the DVLA tax disc changes?

With just a week until the UK says goodbye to the tax disc, it’s vital that you and your customers are up to scratch with the new rules coming into effect on the 1 October. If not, you could face fines up to £1,000.

Here is a brief overview of how the changes will affect you and your customers:
• Any remaining tax on a car will not be transferable. If not registered to your garage, the value of the remaining tax cannot be refunded or transferred to the new owner.
• Anyone caught driving an un-taxed vehicle will face an on-the-spot fine and you should use trade plates when road testing a vehicle.
• People who sell a vehicle after 1 October and have notified the DVLA will get a refund for any full calendar months left on the vehicle tax.
• People who buy a vehicle can tax it, using the New Keeper Supplement (V5C/2) on the vehicle registration certificate (V5C). This can be done via the DVLA’s automated service – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here are the contact details your customers will need:
On-line Phone or by visiting a 03001234321 Post Office
• You can check the vehicle tax class and status of any vehicle online at

People no longer need to display a tax disc – but they must still tax their car