Car Battery Replacement, Testing St Ives Huntingdon Cambs

Car Battery Replacement, Testing & Installs in St Ives, Huntingdon & Cambs


Do you have problems starting your car in the mornings? Are you tired of calling on neighbours or recovery services to give your car a jump-start?

From battery problem diagnosis and testing to car battery replacement, installation and disposal One Stop motorist Centre is here to help!

Based in St Ives and servicing Huntingdon and Cambridgeshire, One Stop hold a vast stock of batteries covering 95% of all European cars at competitively low prices. For peace of mind, all batteries are date-coded to ensure that they are at their optimum performance level when fitted.

Are you unsure of the battery model you need for your car? No problem, just contact us or come in and see one of our technicians – they’ll be more than happy to help you find the correct battery for your vehicle.

All our car servicing includes a battery check as standard, but if you’ve missed your annual service, it’s always advisable to make sure you have a free yearly battery check.  Regular battery checks will help identify just how effective your battery is and could help prevent early morning failure or avoidable expensive roadside breakdowns.

Having Car Battery Problems? We Can Help!

Car battery problems can include anything from leaving your lights on and draining the battery, to cold weather, excessive loads or alternator problems. The good news? If it’s a simple matter of charging your battery, we will recharge your battery for free.

With ever-growing demands for power from your battery increasing, such as sat-nav, air-con or in car entertainment, it’s important to have a powerful battery.  We will look at both the overall health of your battery and advise which model best suits your needs.

Car Battery Brands: Bosch, Varta & Yuasa

Most modern car batteries are maintenance-free, so there’s generally no physical checks that you can perform yourself.

We stock the full range of Bosch, Varta and Yuasa car batteries. All batteries are fully sealed and specific models include performance indicators. However, frequent checks are recommended to ensure your car battery maintains its optimum working level.

If you think you may need a replacement battery, we double check it with a simple digital test and will install a new guaranteed unit, if necessary, while you wait. We also dispose of old batteries free of charge using an environmentally approved waste disposal agent.