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Is your car making a roaring, rattling or hissing noise? It may be a problem with your exhaust.

One Stop Motorist Centre can provide you with invaluable advice and service when it comes to repairing, replacing and fitting the exhaust on your vehicle and in the most cost effective way.

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Drive in for a free inspection and we will be able to advise you on your exhaust system, from repair to replacement and fitting a completely new exhaust system.

Whichever option is needed you can be sure of the best possible price, with the work being carried out by dedicated technicians, with all our exhausts carrying a ‘free fit’ service.

An exhaust leak will probably just make your car’s exhaust sound louder than normal, but it could affect how your car runs or performs and will almost certainly have a detrimental effect on fuel economy.

Ensuring that you are running with a problem free exhaust could save you from potentially more expensive repair or replacement costs.  Don’t forget: a faulty exhaust could result in an MOT failure.

Since 1993 all petrol cars have been fitted with a catalytic converter and lambda sensor.  More recently, diesel cars have been fitted with DPF’s (Diesel Particulate Filters).  We can either replace or, with diesel exhausts, clean these if necessary.

This means that with petrol cars, we will always check for a fault with the Lambda sensor first – this measures the oxygen content of the exhaust – sometimes, a ‘failed’ catalytic converter can be due to a fault in the engine management system – the Lambda sensor which is much cheaper to fix!

We carry a vast stock of exhausts including Klarius and Bosal and for customer confidence, all our complete exhaust systems come with a minimum of a 2 year guarantee and if we haven’t got your required model in stock we offer a ‘same day source and fit free service’.

For sports and high performance fans, we can source and fit specialist exhaust systems including stainless steel or ceramic coated. If you have bought your own, we provide a fitting only service starting from just £35.

To book your exhaust inspection or to discuss your options, contact us today!