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Continental Tyres

One Stop Motorist Centre is a Continental tyre stockist.  For friendly, experienced advice, fitting and repair services and an all-inclusive best price, give us a call. 

We will make sure you are choosing the correct Continental tyre for your vehicle and your needs.

Why choose Continental?

With over 140 years of German engineering, Continental have built a reputation as a premium tyre brand delivering superb braking, handling, performance and safety through technical excellence, innovation and design.

Continental consistently takes top places in the independent tyre reviews which assess performance over and above the EU tyre label.  Since 2007 they have been top in over 80% of all the independent tyre tests undertaken throughout Europe.

Continental tyres have also been widely used as original equipment for many of the world’s top car manufacturers – such as Daimler-Benz and Porsche, one in three new cars made in Europe have factory fitted Continental tyres.

The ContiPremiumContact 5 – The perfect all-round tyre for comfort and safety

The ContiPremiumContact 5 is the new all round premium tyre for all sizes of vehicle from the compact to vehicles the full-size category.  This tyre boasts extremely short braking distances on both wet and dry roads, low rolling resistance, safe driving properties and comfortable handling characteristics.

The ContiSportContact 5 – Control has never been sportier

With the launch of the ContiSportContact 5, Continental developed a tyre which is equally suitable for sports models of both cars and SUV’s. With this new development, the tyre engineers have made significant progress in comparison to the popular predecessors, shortening braking distances in all weather conditions, improving road grip and safety when cornering and reducing fuel consumption and high mileage. This was made possible due to a new compound which focuses on maximum power transmission and provides low rolling resistance whilst driving normally.

ContiEcoContact 5 – The new Performance-Eco Tyre

When you try and reduce rolling residence it is thought that there may be a reduction in the safety aspect or ‘road holding’ of the tyre, however the engineers at Continental focused on all these areas in order to meet the high requirements for the compact cars and large saloon market.  What they came up with was an eco tyre that ticked all the boxes – enhanced mileage by lessening rolling resistance and a positive effect on braking characteristics in the wet.

ContiCrossContact – The ultimate performance tyre for your 4×4

The ContiCrossContact UHP is fitted as original equipment on numerous performance 4×4/SUV vehicles, such as Volvo XC90, Mercedes M-Class and BMW X5.  The ContiCrossContact UHP tyre narrows when moving and widens when braking. This reduces the braking distance and ensures higher cornering stability. The tyre’s asymmetrical profile and outer rigidity guarantees exceptional cornering and an exciting drive without compromising on safety. The circumferential drainage grooves provide excellent protection against aquaplaning.

The  ContiCrossContactLX is designed predominantly with road use in mind although the excellent off-road traction makes it perfect for light off-road use too. The tread pattern is designed to give optimum stability and braking performance for road use along with superior water clearance for protection against aquaplaning.

Contintals ContiCrossContact AT is designed for 50% off-road and 50% on-road use, making it feel at home on any terrain. The open shoulder provides good handling characteristics and traction off-road, whilst the wear resistant tread compound creates the potential for high mileage performance and the tread pattern design guarantees a quiet and smooth ride on road.

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