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Hankook Tyres

Hankook Tyres core aim is to “Contribute to Advancement in Driving and to inspire drivers to take on challenges and create new possibilities, while helping them enjoy their time on the road and be confident in the choices they make.”

One Stop Motorist Centre supply, fit and repair Hankook tyres.

Based in South Korea, Hankook aim to keep introducing up-to-date technologies and solutions that meet tomorrow’s criteria for safety, performance, excellence in quality, and other factors contributing to advancement in driving.

Hankook are one of the world’s largest and fastest growing tyre manufacturer for innovative, high-quality and high-performance radial tyres for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, RVs and trucks, as well as motorsports.

It’s no coincidence that models from top brands like Mercedes and BMW are now fitted with Hankook tyres as original equipment, their tyres are also supplied to Hyundai Toyota and Mini, to name a few.

The type of Hankook tyres One Stop fit and repair include:

Hankook Passenger Car Tyres

The Ventus S1 evo2 is a premium performance tyre that provides precise, controlled cornering at high-speeds and environmentally friendly performance through minimized rolling resistance and optimal profile implementation. This tyre will give you balance between both wet and dry performance.

Kinergy Eco (K425) with the revolutionary technology of nano-scale silica particles, Kinergy Eco provides superb fuel efficiency and wet braking performance.

The Winter i’ceptor evo (W310) is a premium run-flat, designed specifically for winter road conditions. Excellent grip function maximizes snow, wet and dry performance. The use of an advanced new silica compound, 3D kerfs and asymmetrical patterning offers increased winter tyre performance suitable for luxury premium and sports passenger vehicles.

Hankook SUV’s and Light Truck Tyres

The Ventus S1 evo2 SUV is a premium performance tyre for SUVs that shortens braking distances in dry and wet conditions, enhances fuel efficiency based on lowest rolling resistance and provides excellent grip and safety when cornering.

Dynapro AT-m (RF10) is a premium all season tyres with a tough pattern design ideal for all terrain driving.  This on/off road tyre will give you optimum comfort for aggressive rough terrain driving. Whilst the Dynapro HP2 (RA33) is Hankooks all season premium tyre for the luxury SUV market, giving excellent wet weather performance, low noise, low rolling resistance and excellent milage.

Hankook Competition Car Tyres

Circuit, rally, rally gravel, slicks or semi slicks – whatever your competition needs Hankook have the tyre for you.  One Stop have experience on and off the track so if you need advice for your circuit or rally car come in and have a chat, we may be able to shave off those all important seconds whilst keeping you safe.

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