We Now Offer Soft Top Vehicle Weather Proofing And Any Vehicle Mopping!

Here at One Stop Motorist Centre we offer a weather proofing service for soft top roofs. This is normally needed when your soft top roof begins to absorb water it is suggested that you would have this carried out. So next time you drive your soft top in the rain think to yourself is it getting damp in here and if so give us a call to book your vehicle in for the soft to weather proofing. We offer this service at a price of £99.99 and this can usually be completed within a day although you will need to book in for this service.

We can also carry out vehicle mopping to bring the life back into your paintwork prices start from £99.90. The mopping service will include a full wash and machine polish to revive your vehicles paintwork. (Will Include A Picture Of A Car Before And After Here).